Our Courtesy 'Banana Bus' is NOW operating!

Hop on board the Banana Bus – your golden ticket to hassle-free fun ride to our awesome venue!

Got the party vibes but no ride? Fear not! Just drop us a line, and we'll have our magical Banana Bus swing by to whisk you away to the ultimate shindig.

We like to keep things breezy, so forget about pinpointing exact locations. If you're around 15 minutes in any direction from our party central, our fantastic driver Bj is on standby to make your journey epic.

TGIF and Sassy Saturday – that's when our Banana Bus is in full swing! Got a massive squad and worried about fitting everyone in? We're all about those big bookings! Even if it takes a teensy bit longer to swing by and scoop you up, we'll roll out the red carpet – because you deserve a grand entrance.

Ready to make magic happen? Call our crack team of friendlies and have a banter session about your whereabouts or those epic group bookings.

*terms and conditions may apply to area of pick up and time of day. Subject to availability. Contact venue for all information.

Opening Hours



Easter Saturday

9am - 10pm Food Service 11am - 7pm

Easter Sunday & Monday

9am - 5pm Food Service 11am - 3pm


9am - 8pm Food Service 11am - 7pm

Monday & Tuesday

9am- 6pm Food Service 11am- 4pm

Wednesday & Thursday

9am - 10pm Food Service 11am - 8pm

Friday & Saturday

9am - Late Food Service 11am - 8pm

Public Holidays

9am - 5pm Food Service 11am - 3pm

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(07) 5436 3812

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