Step into the Neon Lights with 80s RECALL!

Step into the Neon Lights with 80s RECALL!

Get ready to rewind and relive the electric energy of the 80s with South East Queensland's hottest party band - 80s RECALL.

This dynamic quartet is taking the region by storm, earning a reputation as the go-to act for any event that craves a nostalgic blast from the past.

Unparalleled Experience, Unmatched Versatility

Led by the charismatic Chris Reynolds on vocals, 80s RECALL boasts a wealth of experience that sets them leagues apart from the rest. Their versatility in repertoire is the secret sauce that prevents any comparisons with other acts. From Reggae to Rock, this band effortlessly traverses the musical landscape of the 80s, creating an authentic sonic experience that'll transport you back in time.

A Musical Journey Back to the Good Old Days

Take a trip down memory lane with hits from iconic bands like INXS, Mondo Rock, The Sunnyboys, The Angels, Aussie Crawl, The Clash, Simple Minds, and much, much more. 80s RECALL captures the essence of the era, delivering a live performance that will transport you to the good old days when shoulder pads were a fashion statement and neon ruled the night.

Meet the Masters Behind the Magic

  • Chris Reynolds (Vocals): The voice that will make you swoon and dance all night.
  • David Shirtliff (Lead Guitar): The maestro who makes the guitar sing with every strum.
  • Robbie Penman (Drums): The heartbeat of the band, keeping the rhythm tight and irresistible.
  • Brian Grose (Bass): The groove-master who ensures every beat resonates with the soul.

No Crowd They Can't Move!

From 7:00pm Friday 16th August
The Banana Bender Pub

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