The Mason Rack Band

The Mason Rack Band

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey that will ignite your soul and leave you craving for more?

Look no further than The Mason Rack Band, the epitome of blues rock greatness! With an impressive repertoire of shows across Australia and international tours spanning Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Vanuatu, and Japan, this band has truly earned their status in the genre.

Led by the mesmerizing and raspy vocals of front man Mason Rack, fans have hailed his voice as one of the sexiest in the blues music scene, evoking shades of Tom Waits and Led Zeppelin. Prepare to be captivated by his soulful delivery that will resonate deep within you, leaving an indelible mark on your musical soul.

The Mason Rack Band is more than just a band; they are an experience that will transport you to the heart of blues rock excellence. Prepare to be swept away by their electrifying performances, their soul-stirring melodies. Whether you're a die-hard blues fan or simply someone who appreciates incredible music, The Mason Rack Band is an absolute must-see.

Don't miss your chance to witness the magic live. Visit our moshtix to get your tickets now and secure your spot in the presence of true blues rock legends. Get ready to rock your soul with The Mason Rack Band!

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From 6:00pm Saturday 15th June
The Banana Bender Pub

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